to this exciting book by my brother in Christ, David Yonggi Cho. I am personally indebted to him for spiritual strength, and for insights I have received from God. 26 May Dr David Yonggi Cho “You are a Fourth Dimensional being living in a Third Dimensional world,” said David Yonggi Cho, speaking at the. Paul Yonggi Cho, pastor of the world’s largest and fastest growing church, bestselling author and popular speaker reveals secrets for answered prayer, church.

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And according to Wikipedia the South Korean pastor who is the author eventually got i I’ve been going through some of my late Grandma’s books. Cho argues that this dedication of a whole chapter to love is not because it is more important than the spiritual gifts but because it should be the fundamental motivation for their use.

All bible verses quoted are taken from the Amplified translation Introduction In this book Dr. Cho focuses on how are words have creative power and how that power can be used to influence the spiritual dimension.

I have seen some other miracles on my way that are amazing; financial, health and even power of God working over situations. This the fourth dimension david yonggi cho actually very significant because as co-heirs with Christ we have the same authority that He did and thus our words can have the same level of impact on the spiritual dimension!

I also thank Pastor Pablo Medina from the church Comunidad Cristiana Camino de Vida in Chile, for bringing this book to my attention during one of his powerful and strong online teaching lessons, which I listen with great amazement.


Entering Into The Power Of The Fourth Dimension

Cho solidifies his revelation with incredible testimonies that will increase your faith. The Healing of Memories Dennis Linn. I hope that by finding new ways to seek Him I will gradually gain a greater awareness of the spiritual dimension which surrounds me.

I give this book a 5 star because he really is personable and practical and in alignment with applying the Word of God and His principles for everyday living and receiving Supernatural faith and understanding.

This is one I wasn’t planning on reading, but someone else I knew insisted I read a certain chapter, which led to reading the whole thing.

I obviously didn’t get past any of that. Jun 21, Whitney N Vego rated it liked it. Understanding this has really the fourth dimension david yonggi cho home to me the idea that prophesy and prophetic ministry are dynamic activities and are as much about acting on the words God gives as sharing the fourth dimension david yonggi cho with others.

The Fourth Dimension by Paul Yonggi Cho

Paulin rated it it was amazing Feb 05, In the last chapter of his book Dr. Sep 15, Adeyemi Olaoye rated it it was amazing. Published 3 months ago. The dictionary defines motivation as: Cho exhorts the reader to develop closer the fourth dimension david yonggi cho with the Holy Spirit by acknowledging his personhood.

Pseudo Macarius George A. God’s War Christopher Tyerman. It is different from logosthe general knowledge one obtains from the Bible— rhema is given to those earnestly wait upon the Lord in order to hear the fourth dimension david yonggi cho Him. See all reviews. This idea of being able to differentiate between the work of the Holy Spirit and demonic spirits comes from 1 John 4: Indeed there are many things humans do not know And if indeed man can really calculate out the total light of all the years in all the galaxies, it can only but proved that the wisdom of God is really but infinite.


I awoke about one hour later, had bruises but no bone of my body was broken, I guess maybe my left rib and knee cap due to the pain I would feel. He states dlmension we come to reflect the character of those we spend time with and so spending time with the Spirit will give us greater insight into the nature of spiritual things.

Dimnesion focuses on the forces that motivate our behaviour. And through reading it so many things I’ve noticed in life make sense as Cho reveals a paradigm that so many things fit into.

the fourth dimension david yonggi cho

The Fourth Dimension

I had always thought that God could inspire creativity but I had not fully understood that He should be the driving force behind all our creative endeavours. Cho is a well-known speaker and author.

Jan 25, Cami rated dho it was amazing. The Gospel of Truth Kendrick Grobel. In these pages you’ll discover: A new dimension of living awaits you!

It is a book that I’m calling ‘a book of life’ as in, it teaches the basics of faith without which the bible teaches we cannot please God. Thanks to Cho and Glory to God!!