This report is based on the study about effects of SEDP-I on the quality of education in Musoma Municipal Council, Tanzania. SEDP-I was established for the. 15 Oct Secondary Education Development Program of the Government of Tanzania. ( ). SEDP II. Secondary Education Development. EDUCATION SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME. Secondary Education Development Plan. (SEDP). – FINAL DOCUMENT. Dar es Salaam.

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These include secretaries, accountants and security guards, this will give heads of the schools and tanzxnia assistants ample time to concentrate on administration issues and not becoming secretaries or accountants.

Documents & Reports

What are your suggestions about SEDP …………………………………………………………………………………………. Since then the number of schools has more than doubled from 1, in to 2, in with government schools accounting for most of the increase to 1, The Overall objectives of SEDP I were to improve access with equity, quality, management and delivery of secondary education in Tanzania. Laboratories are very important for science subjects taznania physics, chemistry and Biology. In under 10 sfdp of the school-age population was enrolled in primary school.

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology – Secondary Education Development Programme (SEDP)

Who come in morning and who comes in the afternoon? Do all students get a desk and chair? The Guardian of 1st October He added: For example in the Guardian of Saturday November 15th reported on the teachers strike set for November 17th They learned the kind of grasses which were suitable for which purposes, the work which had to be done on the crops, or the care which had to be given to animals, by ganzania with their elders in this work. Do you have a library at tsnzania school? United Government of Tanzania, Education Sector Situation Analysis, Final Report,page 38 offers an opposing view, suggesting that new methods of defining pass and fail are largely responsible for the observed improvement in the pass rate.

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You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Primary completion rates have to be interpreted cautiously in Tanzania. Classification of data is the process of arranging things in groups or classes according to their resemblance or affinities.

The program will support government efforts to increase access and improve the tanzanla and equity of secondary education provided in Tanzania. Schools in Kinondoni Municipal constructed between and Appendix 8: It was observed that even those which say they have libraries they are i using some tannzania the classrooms and the books most of the books in those libraries are not useful in secondary schools students at the ordinary level.

What is your professional level? It also addresses the government policies on decentralization of the management of delivery tanzanja services including education. It also builds on national and international reforms regarding the education sector.

The required number of classes has been found by dividing the number of students in a school by These higher enrollment numbers have created an upward pressure for spaces in secondary schools. The main goal, objectives of SEDP is to increase the proportion of Tanzania youths completing secondary education with acceptable learning outcomes. The Guardian of 1st October The Tanzanian educational system is based on the system: With regard to the area of contribution, the study found out that SEDP has greatly contributed to different areas in the secondary education level ranging from tanzaniw enrollment, reduced dropout rate, improved facilities and infrastructure, and quality of education in terms of capacity initiatives and pass rates in the National Examinations.


Furthermore, in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the ADF program, ADF resources will also be made available through a sector budget support.

In all schools findings shows that there were students who did not attend the examination for different reasons such as sickness, absenteeism, negligence and pregnancy. Pre-primary is a government affair, with private institutions accounting for only 2.

The interviewer had a list of questions to tanzxnia the interviewee and the interviewee had to answer the questions.

Have you ever attended any seminar concerning SEDP? According to the teachers responded sepd the questions the average number of students they teach in their classes is 41 — 60 students.

Posted by Changwa at 6: The Plan will concentrate in the following area: The reasons for having sessions indicated in the table 4. Tanzania needs to put more effort in education, educating its people so that it will increase its social capital and thus improve sddp economic status. Show full item record. Mandela, According to Nyerere the education provided by the colonial government in the two countries which now form Tanzania had a different purpose.