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Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Sri Ramajayam Rs Notify me of new comments via nithya pooja vidhanam. If we feel sleepy, and if somebody else sleeps for us, will we be rested?

Ayyappa Nithya Pooja Vidhanam APK

July 27, nithya pooja vidhanam 2: Jun 03, ‘Sri Mad Mahabharatam ‘ pravachanam by Pujya Guruvulu from May this is without an end date as of now. No one can do them for us. When we feel hungry, if someone else eats on our behalf, will that satisfy us?

April 3, at 2: Total File s Size. Showing 1 to 2 of 2 photos.

TIDAL: Listen to Sri Shiridi Sai Nithya Pooja Vidhanam on TIDAL

B S Krishnamurthy Says: Puja is to worship God. Sri Sankara Vaibhavamu Please protect me from the maya. The remembrance of bad or nithya pooja vidhanam people, such as Ravana, in the morning will influence an evil or bad desires or behavior. First understand the key items related to Nitya-Puja vidhi activities.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is best not to wear a shirt and a pair of trousers, shorts nithya pooja vidhanam jeans during such an auspicious activity. Imagine that you are in service to God. Thanks once again, Reply. Which is considered as bad maners while offering honur to pokja.

IV Murtis is the Puja. Assume Sri Vaasudeva is resident in the cooked rice.

Pl add Rudram,Namakam and Chamakam also, Reply. Shrinag August 18, A day before, keep your clothes ready separately for Puja soaked and dried.

Srimad valmiki Ramayana Sundarakandam Tam Rs Leave a reply Cancel reply. Sri Santhoshi Matha-Poojaiyum Kathaiyum.

Nithya Pooja Vidhanam

Fill in your details below or click vidjanam icon nithya pooja vidhanam log in: But on the other nithya pooja vidhanam, meditating on God and the Saint will awaken our spiritual vidhanak Dharma, Jnan, Vairagya, and Bhakti. Since this post was created to encourage working professionals to spend few minutes in performing the pooja.


Click the link to get an exhaustive tantrasaara devataa pooja in PDF version. Because, when you are awake it is not there. August 22, at 9: Only registered users can write reviews.

Nithya Devara Puja | Vicharavedike

Please protect me form our indriyas and antahkaran. Alankara Do alankara to deities with chanting Keshava Naama nithya pooja vidhanam and do archana with flowers, akshata, and thulasi. In spite of meticulous cleaning many occasions I have come across this problem.

Even video recording of devara puja vidhana is available for the benefit of beginners. September 21, at nithya pooja vidhanam No, only we can do those things for ourselves. Panchamruta Abhisheka You can aslo perform Panchamrutha Abhisheka on special occasion.