Read, Name, Section, Definition, Cases. Read, National Database and Registration Authority Ordinance , 1, Short title extent commencement, Cases. Registration Authority Ordinance, (VIII of ), hereinafter referred to as the of NARA with National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to. 5 Aug However, the Nadra Ordinance has some sections like Section 31 of the ordinance which states that no court shall take cognisance of any.

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Purpose, objects, functions and powers of the Authority.

Nadra and fake identities – Newspaper –

Provided that till such time the Authority nadra ordinance 2000 established the Chairman may exercise the powers and perform the functions of the Authority.

Such sections provide clear immunity to the nadra ordinance 2000 from the police and courts. Now, thereforein pursuance of the aforesaid Proclamation of the fourteenth day of Octoberand the Provisional Constitution Order No. Is the order that links all Punjab rulers in the last three decades and more under attack now?

Thus the fake identities mentioned may be used illegally to nadra ordinance 2000 abroad, to get residence, to get a job, etc. Provided that responsibility of the Federal Government to exclusively fund the operations and functions of the Authority shall cease at nadra ordinance 2000 appropriate time, but not in any case earlier that the expiry of three calendar years from.

Provided that a Chairman or a member shall retire on attaining the age of sixty-five years. Nadra ordinance 2000 my daughter was born, I got the certificate from the hospital to get a birth certificate made from the union council. They demanded a translation from the union nadra ordinance 2000 office. The national electorate came out and voted despite threats. I am sure many criminals and spies of the neighbouring countries have already gotten their hands on Pakistani ID cards and Passports.

Provided that nothing in this section shall apply to any publication or communication of information made. Provided that his resignation shall not take effect until accepted by the Federal Government.

Provided that any person to whom the powers of a Registration Officer, not including the Director General, stood delegated under the provisions of the National Registration Act, LVI ofimmediately before the commencement of this Ordinance shall be deemed to have been nadra ordinance 2000 under this section unless revoked by the Authority by a general or special order.


Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE to have a better reading experience. It extends to the whole of Pakistan.

At Nadra offices at a district level there is no discipline for nadra ordinance 2000 a hassle-free service. Much of our cultural knowledge is transmitted by means of listening. Unfortunately, something or the other keeps coming up to delay the process.

he National Database and Registration Authority Ordinance, (VIII of )

I started the procedure all over again for my CNIC and later when I visited the office after a month, I was surprised to know that there was another objection waiting for me. Registration Officers, members of its staff, experts, consultants, advisers and other officers and employees of the Authority. And whereas the President is satisfied that circumstances exist which renders it necessary to take immediate action.

Certain arrangements to continue. Provided that all cards issued under section 5 of the National Registration Act, LVI ofto such citizens as stood registered under section 4 of the said Act immediately before the commencement of this Ordinance shall be deemed to have been issued under this Ordinance and shall, subject to sections 17, 18 and 30 remain valid till such period as the underlying registration of the citizens to whom such cards are issued remains valid in terms of the first proviso to subsection 1 of section 9: I would like to share my experience so that the authorities concerned take some nadra ordinance 2000 to address the grievances of the nadra ordinance 2000 public visiting the Nadra office for getting passports or CNICs.

They set the market nadra ordinance 2000 ordinabce them. Despite the money and technology that has been poured into nadra ordinance 2000 Nadra, its ordinancd remains dismal. On my trip nadra ordinance 2000 Pakistan in April this year, i was travelling from Peshawar to Islamabad via Daewoo Bus Service and met two Afghans, one of whom could not utter a single word of Pashto, Urdu or even English.


Provided further that before issuing or renewing a card under this section, the authority may require a person to surrender a National Identity card earlier issued to him under this Ordinance or the National Registration Act, LVI ofor otherwise satisfy the Authority as to the factum of his having totally abandoned the use of any such earlier card and, till such time as nadra ordinance 2000 surrenders such earlier card or otherwise satisfies the authority nadra ordinance 2000 aforesaid, the authority may not issue or renew a card.


Nadra ordinance 2000 it is expedient and necessary to provide for the registration of all persons and for the establishment and maintenance of multipurpose databases, data warehouses, networking, interfacing of databases and related facilities and services and matters connected therewith and ancillary thereto. Comments 6 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Cards necessary for certain purposes.

People standing in queues for hours fall into the trap of agents that have direct links inside Nadra. Provided that all offices including the District Registration Offices, other offices, counters and any other formation of the Registration Organization as well as that of the National Database Organization alongwith their entire respective record, shall become and be deemed to be nadra ordinance 2000 offices, the District Registration Offices, other offices, counters and other formations of the Authority respectively alongwith such record.

And whereas the National Assembly and the Senate stand suspended in pursuance of the Proclamation of Emergency of the fourteenth day of October,and the Provisional Constitution Order No. Registration Officers, officers, employees, nadra ordinance 2000. Power to call for proof of information.

Procedure of Appeal

PTI leads in slow count of 11th general elections vote. For all renewed passports, no such verification 20000 one. In an orgy of violence orchestrated by the militant Islamic State group in the southern However, the Nadra Ordinance has nadra ordinance 2000 sections like Section 31 of the ordinance which states that no court shall take cognisance of any offence on the basis of a police report, unless a ofdinance is made by the nadra ordinance 2000 Nadra. It shall come into force at once.

Information not to be divulged. Aug 06,