Written by Lynn Grabhorn, Narrated by Lynn Grabhorn. Download the app and start listening to Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting today – Free with a 30 day Trial!. Excuse me, your life is waiting: the astonishing power of feelings / Lynn Grabhorn. In an upbeat, humorous, and somewhat irreverent style, the author introduces. Like attracts like is the underlying premise of Lynn Grabhorn’s book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. When we’re feeling up, she claims, our emotions send out.

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Llife listen to over and over. A very simple book explaining how to get most anything and everything you desire just by getting rid of negative thoughts.

A “must read” for anyone stuck in negativity.

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting

If you believe in something without reservation and picture it in your mind, you can remove the subconscious obstacles that prevent you from achieving the results you want and your belief can become a reality.

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. Published 3 months ago. In all, I think that is the most powerful element of this book Jen Sincero Narrated by: Softcover, Published February, Lynn grabhorn excuse me your life is waiting 22, Leez rated it it was ok.

There are three basic ways to start feeling good, she offers. How do you change?

I thought this may just be another law of attraction grabhorj, stating the same old same old. Smaller Habits, Bigger Results. Really easy to listen to. The author describe so well and so in detailed everything you need to know about feelings and how you can attract wellness excse you life. Reading this book is going to change yoir life! I am 73 years of age. The narrator was amazing, most influential quote”I intend to book that vacation,I intend. There are those who simply do not align with a teaching that states that we fully impact our own personal lives.

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You Are a Badass at Making Money is a refreshingly frank and entertaining step-by-step guide to overcoming the fears and stumbling blocks that have kept financial success out of reach and to giving yourself the permission to make the kind of money you’ve never made before. It’s a great introduction to the law of attraction principles, written in an easy-to-read, fun and uplifting narrative.

What a waste of my money! Published 1 year ago. Joe Dispenza combines the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics to show you what is truly possible. In a world of social media, constant negative news stories, disturbing images, daily gossip and break up songs, it is great to be reminded that our lynn grabhorn excuse me your life is waiting is distanced if we don’t find a way of switching our attentions. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

Elaine Vancouver, British Columbia Canada It was a great reminder! Lynn grabhorn excuse me your life is waiting this book, you will hear stories about ordinary people who witnessed miracles large and small unfold in their lives after they performed the basic act of putting their dreams on paper. This is the kind of book where almost everyone “gets it” right away.

Excuse me, your life is waiting | Company of Women

To change this data, submit a Change of Address request, or contact your local library for assistance. Oh well, the author waitijg her karma will have to deal with that. Adulting got you down? Place a Hold You must be logged in first.


Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings

I will be opening my valve to all things great. Lynn’s book speaks clearly and hits hard again and again that we all can successfully assume full ownership for our experiences and our existences.

I recommend this book to those who believe in law of attraction. Just love this book! There’s good news and bad news to this life changing discovery. Just within my you family, my husband, my sister, and my niece have all read it and all agree with me that it can make an astonishing difference in your life, really quickly.

Expect, listen, and allow it to happen The nitty gritty she says is learning to identify a good feeling from a bad feeling. There’s a problem loading this menu lynn grabhorn excuse me your life is waiting now. Full description Saved in: Black Diamond Publishing Narrated by: I felt like it was contradictory to what she was trying to advocate throughout her book on trying to stay on a positive frequency.

Most recent customer reviews. Once we understand these laws, we will have a better understanding of how life works. If you’re ready for success joy and abundance The Astonishing Power of Feelings Paperback. I am so glad I did.