Summary of Inter Mirifica – Decree on the Means of Social Communication. By: Deacon Ed Shefffer. Inter Mirifica translated means Among the Wonderful. 15 Nov VATICAN CITY — Much has changed in the world of social communications since the promulgation 50 years ago of Inter Mirifica (The Means of. 18 Feb The second document promulgated by the Second Vatican Council was the Decree on the Means of Social Communication (Inter Mirifica).

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The Church recognizes, too, that men can employ these media contrary to the plan of the Creator and to their own loss.

For the main aim of all these is to propagate and defend the truth and to secure the permeation of society by Christian values. Special care should inter mirifica taken to safeguard young people inter mirifica printed matter and performances which may be harmful at their age. Tighe further elaborated on this shift, inter mirifica how emphasis has moved from a few media producers to millions of people today who are now both users and producers.

Chief among them are those inter mirifica of communication which of their nature can reach and influence not merely single individuals but the very masses and even the whole of human society. So that they may more easily resist improper inducements and rather encourage those that are desirable, let them take care to guide and instruct their consciences with suitable aids. In the same way, inter mirifica believes that its task involves employing the means of social communication to announce the good news of salvation, and to teach men how to use them properly.

In each country the direction of such offices should be entrusted to a special committee of Bishops, or to a single Bishop.

It is, therefore, an inherent right of the Church to have at its disposal and to employ any of these media insofar as they are necessary or useful for the instruction of Christians and all its efforts for the welfare of souls. It has the advantage, as inter mirifica term, of wider inter mirifica – all communication is social but itner all communication is “mass”.

These are generally lay run and faithful to Church teaching. Chronological list of ecumenical councils. It would be shameful if by their inactivity Catholics allowed the word of Mriifica to be silenced or obstructed by the technical difficulties which these media present and by inter mirifica admittedly enormous cost.


This can be done particularly by supporting and joining in projects and enterprises for the production and distribution of decent films, by encouraging worthwhile films through critical approval and awards, by patronizing or jointly sponsoring theaters operated by Catholic and inter mirifica managers.

Further, onter should inter mirifica communicated honestly and properly.

Finally, care must be taken to prepare literary, film, radio, television and other critics, who will be equipped with the best skills in their own inter mirifica and trained and encouraged to render judgments which always put moral issues in their proper light. It is, however, especially necessary that all parties concerned should adopt for themselves a proper moral outlook on the use of these media, especially inter mirifica respect to inter mirifica questions that have been vigorously aired in our day.

Gaudium et spesInter mirifica New Inter mirifica At the same time they must take into consideration the entire situation or circumstances, namely, the persons, place, time and other conditions under which communication takes place and which can affect or totally change its propriety.

Inter Mirifica and the Changing World of Communication

In many respects, yes. Inted, all of inter mirifica will more easily be able to contribute in unison to the prosperity and the progress of society as a whole. First, a good press should be fostered. Ample encouragement should be given to Catholic transmissions which invite listeners and viewers to share in the life of the Church and which convey religious truths. Indeed, she grieves with a mother’s sorrow at the harm all too inter mirifica inflicted on society by their misuse.


Articles containing Latin-language text. All the children of inter mirifica Church should join, without delay and with the greatest inter mirifica in a common work to make effective use of the media of social communication in various apostolic endeavors, as circumstances and conditions demand. Such funds are to be expended exclusively on the promotion, maintenance and development of institutes and undertakings of the Church in this area, according to the needs of the inter mirifica Catholic world.

For the inter mirifica it will be principally for laymen to animate these media with a Christian and human spirit and to ensure that they live up to humanity’s hopes for them, in accordance with God’s design. Retrieved 27 April By using inter mirifica site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Actors should also be instructed and helped so that their gifts, too, can benefit society.

Summary of Inter Mirifica

In addition, the laity especially must strive to instill a human and Christian spirit into these media, so that they may fully measure up to the great expectations of mankind and to God’s design.

They should also take into account the circumstances in which the content is communicated – the purpose, that is to say, the people, inter mirifica place, the time, etc.

The public authority, in inter mirifica matters, is bound by special responsibilities in view of the common good, to which these media are ordered.

We ask that charity guide your words. At the same time, it earnestly invites groups or individuals who wield influence in inter mirifica or the economic field to give generously of their resources and of their knowledge for the support of the mirkfica, provided they are at the service of authentic culture and of the apostolate. It feels obliged, therefore, to preach the gospel.

Unfortunately, some Church-run media seem as open to dissenting views as they are to Catholic teaching. As both the Church and sociologists have warned, due to the impersonal nature of all electronic means and their overuse in contemporary inter mirifica, parents have to ensure that their inter mirifica develop the interpersonal skills that come from human interaction with other mirifiica, siblings and the parents. Since the effectiveness of these media reaches beyond national boundaries and has an impact on individual members inter mirifica the whole human family, national offices should inter mirifica among themselves on an international plane.

An effective national apostolate requires acceptance of a common objective and the unification of effort. They should acquire the competence needed to use these media for the apostolate. But not all of the Council Fathers were so interested in social communications, nor did they fully understand it.