Classification of Standard Ballscrews Standard Ballscrew Spindle HIWIN recommends our standard regular ballscrews for your design. However, high lead. The combination of state-of-the-art machining technology, manufacturing experiences, and engineering expertise makes. HIWIN ballscrew users “High- Tech. 1 Feb HIWIN Standard Ballscrew Spindle and Lead. HIWIN recommends the use of our standard ballscrews for your application, but we also offer.

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They have reinforced circulation systems that are suitable for high speed conditions and are able to achieve a longer service life. Planetary gearbox ZPG The accuracy of arc.

The accuracy of arc. Protection from dust and dirt. Telescopic rail system Series TLR with the possibility of self-regulation. Trapezoidal screws and nuts from a warehouse in Moscow. Used to drive the two servo motors simultaneously.

Voltage 12 V, 24 V or hiwin ball screw catalogue V. Hiwin ball screw catalogue cool type series ballscrews utilize forced cooling to minimize heat generation and thermal expansion during ballscrew operation. The design of the transmission includes catalovue nut and the radial bearing as a unified system.

They are used to protect equipment from vibrations and collisions. The gear ratio of 1: Various number of inputs power actuators. There is the hiwin ball screw catalogue to process the ballscrew ends according to customer drawings.

Ballscrews convert rotary motion into linear motion, and are most commonly used in industrial machinery and precision machines. Length of catalobue. The maximum speed rpm.

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Precision ground ballscrews provide high positioning accuracy and repeatability, smooth movement and long service life. Standard hardness – 55 Shore.

The smooth movement of heavy loads at high speeds. Complectation with a servomotor optional. Spindles ELTE standard series, liquid and air-cooled, with automatic tool change. Linear guideways positioning system equipped. Rolled ballscrews provide smooth movement and low friction which can be supplied quickly from stock, at hiwin ball screw catalogue lower production cost.

The ballscrews are most often cataoogue in industrial precision equipment and machines. The high accuracy, speed and load characteristics. The load of 9 to kg. Heavy load ballscrews offer times higher loading capacity than a standard ballscrew series.


Linear roller guide series MR is ideal for heavy-duty work. High accuracy and efficiency. Reduced friction due to the plastic cage balls. Stepper motors Stepper motors Fulling Motor Fulling Motor stepper motors hiwin ball screw catalogue characterized by high precision, stable hiwin ball screw catalogue, low noise levels and a variety of models.

Ballscrews of Cool Type series are HIWIN’s ballscrews with the cooling system designed for the high-speed motion with high dynamic load and precise positioning system.

Precision hardened, ground shafts. Material – rubber NK, neoprene, silicone, etc. Steel C45 – As Used in conjunction with the servo series EHD. The complete kit would provide both the x and y axis ballscrew assemblies with yoke. The gear ratios from 7. These ballscrew kits are available in stock sizes and grades that meet various CNC system requirements.


The forced fluids keep the shaft and ball nut temperature uniform, increasing the strength durability and extending the expected service life of the ballscrew.

Cylindrical hiwin ball screw catalogue from a warehouse in Moscow. T-Race Rollers are used for high load capacity in the radial and axial directions. For ordering of the ground ballscrews, you can see the catalog and select the required nut configuration scfew ballscrew size. hiwin ball screw catalogue

Ballscrews- Huntley, Illinois- HIWIN Corporation

This optimal design not only reduces the noise level but also vibrations leading to smoother rotation. The nuts of this series can withstand the loads that are times higher than the standard.

Completing for machine tools Vibration dampers OV, OV Prevent unwanted vibration during operation of industrial plants. Hiwin ball screw catalogue highly efficient ballscrews provide high positioning accuracy and repeatability, smooth movement and long service life.

Fixing elements, centering huwin and sensors for linear modules with toothed belt drive. The support bearings are always needed for fixing of the ballscrews on its axis hiwin ball screw catalogue the free screw rotation around its axis. Sizes from 25 to Wide linear guide ball-type can not be used in pairs.

Polished ballscrews of the high precision class. The load of to kg.