7 Jul In response to this limitation, the Gotland Scale of Male Depression (GSMD) was developed to identify the extra symptoms of MDD in men. 1 Mar The Gotland Male Depression Scale (GMDS) was developed to identify these atypical or externalising symptoms in depressed males by adding. 10 Oct Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Nov 11, , Bjarni Sigurdsson and others published Validity of Gotland Male Depression Scale for male.

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Psychiatry Res ; Improvement of deprssion for people suffering from depression: The standard method of forward translation, back-translation and check, and test—retest was completed for the translation of the English version of the GMDS into Chinese. Similar data were reported in a Western study with a similar number and source of participants.

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Depression can depession to consequences, such as substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, domestic violence, pathological gambling, and even suicide. The sample was predominantly older, male, married, employed, white, educated, and living in the United States. Results Demographic and clinical characteristics The mean age of the participants who completed the questionnaires was Validity of Gotland Male Depression Scale for male depression in a community scle The Diamond Male Depression Scale questionnaire was administered online to a population of men and women.

Gender differences in depressive symptoms and their relation to personality traits. These theories are based on research showing that masculinity is culturally defined as anti-femininity Brannon, ; Pollack, ; Kilmartin, There was considerable reporting of psychiatric illness in the participants and their families.


Accept In order to provide our website visitors and registered users with sale service tailored to their individual preferences we use cookies to analyse visitor traffic and personalise content. The aim of the study was Polish adaptation of the scale. Basic demographic data included age, education, marital status, and employment status. Increase in intensity or frequency of angry outbursts. Additional information was sought in this section on whether the subjects had been diagnosed with a depressive illness or other common mental illnesses and whether family members had been so diagnosed.

The Diamond research study was designed to clarify the theoretical constructs related to depression and to see which symptoms are most predictive of depression and suicide risk as well as which symptoms most distinguish depressed men from depressed women. J Mens Health Gend ; 4: The fifth section addressed issues surrounding the drinking of alcoholic beverages.

Depressed patients present with feelings of sadness, loneliness, irritability, worthlessness, hopelessness, agitation, and guilt that may be accompanied by an array of physical symptoms. The level of internal consistency for the two questionnaires is shown in Table 2.

This study had some limitations. Psychometric properties of the Gotland Scale for Depression in Italian psychiatric inpatients and its utility in the prediction of suicide risk. A scaled version of the General Health Questionnaire. This scale focused on such things as violence, gambling, alcohol abuse, and other external, physical expressions of depression and included the following items from the full item questionnaire.

In a review of the literature, Whitfield found studies published in peer-reviewed journals that gktland depression with a history of childhood trauma.


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A Better Instrument for Assessing Male Depression

Each item of the BDI-II is rated on a 4-point Likert scale ranging from 0 to 3and the total score ranges from 0 to 63 points. Among its criteria for evaluating a person for major depression are the following:. They use response formats that rely on classifying frequency of symptoms or ranking symptom severity. With respect to education, 51 Male depression in females? Male depression and suicide.

Neuropsychiatric Dis Treat ; They also leave off questions that depressed men, but not depressed women, might answer positively. To examine the conceptual structure of the CV-GMDS, we applied a factor-analytic procedure with a two-factor structure.

Emotional Acting-In Depression This scale focused on feeling negative, stressed, empty, and other internal expressions of depression and included the following items from the full item questionnaire: Total scores of different ranges correspond to the following descriptions: However, a different result was deprsesion in the Chinese version.

Can J Behav Sci ; Der Nervenarzt ; In this study, Walinder J, Rutz W. By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms. An artifact caused by measurement instruments? Instytut Medycyny Pracy; Most patients with symptoms of depression are treated in primary gohland settings — not by mental health professionals Sharp and Lipsky, We used a two-step translation procedure to ensure consistent content validity of the questionnaires.