Kyc There are two complete translations of “Journey to the West”. . “Monkey” is Arthur Waley’s delightful rendition of Wu Cheng-en’s “Journey to the West”, one. renowned translator of Chinese and Japanese literature, Arthur Waley. .. When Arthur Waley abridged and translated Journey to the West in , he gave. THE JOURNEY TO THE WEST Translated and Edited by Anthony C. Yu. IN Arthur Waley, the foremost British translator of Chinese and.

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Monkey: The Journey to the West

Still, I can recommend this book pretty enthusiastically to some people at there. It sor I’m glad that I chose to read this book whilst I’ve been busy with essay writing. Joirney also saw a lot of influences on Dragonball Z which was one of my favorite shows in college at least through the Cell saga, but even I lost interest when they got to the 78 million episodes that cover Buu.

There is a whole chapter about jourmey while the men need to find a magical abortion plant.

Wielding said staff, he can defeat armies or deities. Joufney agreed with the other omissions, though, so that’s something. As we Buddhists will tell you, it is very difficult to describe the indescribable but I will try. That’s alllll from Wendy. Yu seems to have more faith in humanity, portraying a mortal as superior in wisdom and faith to his immortal deciples. The narrator claims that Tripitaka is an easy target for manipulation: This is a superhero story.


You have behaved with a cruelty that ill becomes one of your sacred calling.

Monkey: The Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en

The central thw of the book is that, though it is plotted around a religious pilgrimage, nothing in it is sacred: This site uses cookies. That doesn’t make a lot of sense and I can’t explain it, tbe there it is.

I would recommend this book for fiction readers, particularly if you have an interest in the superhero genre or Chinese literature. The characters were a scream. The Buddha defeats Monkey not in combat, but in a bet.

Among the many books set in China, this wasn’t about the communists, Cultural Revolution, torture, Probably the most popular book in the history of the Far East, this classic sixteenth century novel is a combination of picaresque novel and folk epic that mixes satire, allegory, and history into a rollicking adventure.

It was definitely a first for me for classics. There have been multiple versions of this, because authorship in the old China is not what you assume.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Feb 02, Jim Peterson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mi sono divertita leggendo la vita del re scimmia Sun Dest Hu Shih’s interpretation reflected the popular reading of the novel, but does not account for the levels of meaning and the allegorical framework which scholars in China and the west have shown to be an important part of the late Atrhur text.

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He was also funnier, cleverer, and more entertaining when he wasn’t reformed.

BOOK REVIEW: Monkey: A Folk Novel of China by Wu Cheng’en | the !n(tro)verted yogi

That was due to life, and pausing to read something else in spooktober cause Monkey don’t fit that bill. It makes me long for the time when I can return home. Monkey is said to have been the inspiration for Cordwainer Smith ‘s epic novel Norstrilia.

He also feels that Waley neglects religious allegory in his translation. Tripitaka and Monkey are made in to Buddha’s. The most popular, wley much-abridged version in translation anyway?

It examines a number of meaningful themes, including three great Eastern philosophies Buddhism, Tao and Confucianism and satirical comm “Monkey” is Arthur Waley’s delightful rendition of Wu Cheng-en’s “Journey to the West”, one of China’s four mourney classical novels. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I especially loved the beginning July 12th, Review: But what was I supposed to do?