Kiss the Dead is a New York Times bestselling erotic thriller by novelist Laurell K. Hamilton. The book was published on June 5, by Berkley Hardcover and is the twenty first book in the Anita Blake: Vampire Jump up ^ ” After 21 books, Anita Blake still in turmoil”. STL Today. Retrieved 27 March Jump up. 10 Jun I’ll have a shorter version of this in my monthly post, Yes, I am the guy who is still reading the Anita Blake books. Kiss the Dead Laurell K. Kiss the Dead is book number twenty one in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series of Chapter “I was driving on old Route 21 with the early-morning light .

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Kiss of the Dead had a minimal plot if existent at all and had practically no substance to the overall story. They always looked bluebut they were so dark. Anita gets hit in the face, and everyone is sad that she can’t perform blaoe sex for a while.

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This book I could barely tolerate. Maybe she should go back to writing the more porny Anita Blake novels as at least they made sense. View all 73 comments. I don’t even recognize most of the characters especially since some of the leads haven’t even been IN the anita blake book 21 kiss the dead for the last few and Anita is just an awful Mary Sue who runs anita blake book 21 kiss the dead in circles asking the same questions and getting into the same disagreements and adding more and fead men and more and more powers to both her and others through her magical vagina.

Every man loves her, even if she doesn’t quite love all of them. I ajita read the book on April Well, it would be IF that was the only problem. The sex – sex as a part of a storyline, I’m ok with But this was a trainwreck.


The book is basically miss up kiws two segments. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have waited a long time for this new installment in Anita Blake series. We all KNOW that! Where the heck was Hamilton’s editor??

View all 8 comments. Overall Recommendation I am anita blake book 21 kiss the dead a negative reviewer. Because then the book couldn’t be dominated by- you guessed it- SEX!!!

And then story got stuck with Anita trying to solve the drama occurring in her personal life, and it didn’t proceed any further until the end, when the bad vampires were caught and once again Anita saved the day.

I know I’ll read this book, but like others have said, I’m wondering if it will be one of LKH’s awesome stories or anita blake book 21 kiss the dead completion of letters to penthouse. There was hardly any character development, other than that we saw some growth in Cynric a. Published 1 month ago. In case people were confused about what Mary-Jane style stiletto heels look like.

I guess she’s not into the Mommy Kink. First of all, no, that is not the question. If the reader was told something once they were then told it again several times.

It is Anita having the same internal monologs and opinions we have heard before. But they are never show so it’s all just a cock tease anita blake book 21 kiss the dead. Stilettos, a short skirt, thigh-high stockings with garters, and a thong. She also continues her odd quirk of picking a new phrase that everyone in each book suddenly decides to use all the time, in all boik of situations, and then never use again in subsequent books.

I actually feel a little tricked bc dwad over the dfad year, I got the impression that this book was going to be more Jean-Claude than we’ve had in several books.


Kiss the Dead (novel)

I don’t think this book was even edited. The bulk of the book was her inner dialogue about her polymonogamous lifestyle and how to deal with her “sweeties”. Easy and simple enough, right? My time and energy is better spent elsewhere. Because that’s what it takes in Anita-land- villains dumber than vampire hunters too stupid to kill vampires at high noon.

Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Also, I was tired of Anita contradicting herself from one page to another. Anita blake book 21 kiss the dead, there you have it.

Her fuck buddies boyfriends have been mentioned 4. Cops aren’t allowed to have holy items in the room when interrogating vamps because of some dopey law mainly because Hamilton couldn’t come up with anything better than this stupiditythen Anita goes to a hostage scene in hoochie wear, not anita blake book 21 kiss the dead not bothering to change into protective gear along the way but only doing so AFTER ainta crisis is resolved Oh, ok then- that makes everything all better: This review was finished by May 7th, just after I finished my first re-read.

Plot wise, RPIT is looking for a group of vampires who kidnapped a child and are planning to turn her.

Jun 08, Jenna Howard rated it it was ok. Jun 07, Poppy Fields rated it it was ok Shelves: Implied Dom behaviours from Asher to Anita’s submissive ones.

No, only toddlers say why 6 times then get bored, nod, and walk away Same goes for a few others.

The question was, had it been clawing to get in, or get out?